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A free PSP emulator for all!

Added by JayweTee

Created by Henrik Rydgard

PPSSPP supports all versions of iPad, iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 5 and above; this includes iPhone 5 and other retina-enabled devices. The emulator does not require bios to play, PPSSPP is - in many ways - a “HLE” emulator. PPSSPP requires ROM images, specifically .ISO or .CSO files, to play. No ROMs are included in this copy of the emulator. If you own any games, add them through iTunes Sharing or other programs like 'iExplorer.' Keep in mind these files are extremely big, sometimes taking several gigs in size.


+ didn't port yet.


Graphic Settings
CLUT texturing
Improved ISO file system
Better savedata compatibility
PMP video format support
Improved emulation of the vrot CPU
Multiple UI Language Support
Customizable on-screen controls
Audio Adjust
Fast Forward
Save and Load States
Full iPad Support